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10 Landscaping Tips for Building A Dog-Friendly Backyard in Toronto

Did you know that there’s such a thing as an unsafe backyard for a dog? According to Thomas Barthel in his book Dogscaping, your pooch “can become gravely ill after ingesting toxic plants and chemicals commonly foundĀ  in the yards they delight in exploring”.

Your backyard needs to accommodate your dog’s daily habits too, like digging and running. Otherwise, you could run into behavioural issues – and you don’t need your neighbors complaining about your dog! Here are 10 landscaping tips for a dog-friendly backyard.

  1. After your dog urinates, water the the area to reduce lawn damage.
  2. Designate a digging area with sand, soft soil and wood mulch.
  3. Place gravel around flowers to prevent your dog from digging.
  4. Assign a grassy spot as a “potty”.
  5. Inspect your fences for holes. Fences should be three feet into the ground to prevent the dogs from digging out of the yard.
  6. Watch out for metal lawn edging; if your dog steps on it, he could injure his paw.
  7. Install a dog house for shade; keep a water bowl nearby.
  8. Create a stone path for a running area.
  9. Avoid flowers and plants that are toxic for dogs, like Chrysanthemums.
  10. Also avoid thorny and sappy plants.

To be absolutely sure your backyard is dog-friendly, your best bet is to consult a landscaper. Call Hofstetter LandscapingĀ  for professional advice and a free quote at 647-955-8382 or send an email through the online form.


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