How to Care for your Water Fountain

 Maintain Your Fountain For Years Of Enjoyment

A water fountain is a lovely touch that really adds to any pond or water piece in your yard. Unfortunately, fountains do require a bit of care and feeding, but with just a few simple steps you’ll be able to keep your fountain flowing freely and smoothly for years to come. [Read more…]

So far, we revealed that a play structure and family-friendly garden are two things that transform your landscape into Destination: Backyard Adventure, an entertaining, kid-friendly area.

Next you need an engaging pond, which encourages your kids to care for Mother Nature. Here are 5 family-friendly pond tips to help you create an adventurous backyard:

  1. If you’re going to have pond fish, include the children in your decisions. Take them to the store with you and let them choose a fish or two.
  2. Talk to your landscaper about a waterfall, which will help prevent algae from forming in the pond.
  3. Don’t place your pond next to a wall or fence. Otherwise you’ll have a hard time reaching around for maintenance.
  4. The location of your pond will affect the upkeep. If your pond has access to at least six hours of sun, you’ll have more low-maintenance plants to choose from.
  5. Install a fence around your pond. “The fence should be at least 1.2 metres (four feet) tall and have a self-closing, self-latching gate,” advises the safety organization Parachute.

There’s one more thing you need to complete Destination: Backyard Adventure. Check our blog next week for Part 4.

For now, Hofstetter Landscaping can start your backyard pond. This team of landscapers specializes in ponds that are not only beautiful, but also energy-efficient, low maintenance and customized to your needs. Call 647-955-8382 or email Hofstetter Landscaping here.


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Whether you’re a rookie or experienced pond owner, this is a question you need to ask yourself.  

Your pond is a personal, beautiful part of your landscape; however, its safety cannot be ignored. This doesn’t just affect your children or your neighbour’s children either – pets can also fall into the water and drown. So follow these tips to improve your pond’s safety:

  • Invest in a durable, child-resistant pond cover.

  • Have a sturdy fence built around the pond with self-closing and latching gates.

  • Don’t use chicken wire as a fence. Chicken wire can easily fall over if a child leans on it; plus, kids and pets can crawl under the wire.

  • It’s a good idea to have a sloping bank; this helps animals and kids climb out of the pond in case they fall in.

  • Most of all, don’t overestimate the skills of children checking out your pond. As advised by the Canadian safety organization Parachute, “Adults should stand within arm’s reach of any child under five, or any older child who does not swim well, when they are in water or playing near the water.”

You need to feel confident in your pond’s safety, which is why you need to seek advice from a professional landscaper. Hofstetter Landscaping can help keep your pond safe and beautiful all summer long. Contact Hofstetter Landscaping for a free quote by calling 647-955-8382 or sending them a message through the contact form.

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Has algae invaded your pond with its messy, chaotic sludge? Don’t give up – take control of your pond now! Kick algae butt with these tips:

  1. Algae thrive on high water temperatures; a waterfall or fountain in your pond keeps the water cool and well oxygenated.

  2. Algae also thrive on phosphate – ask your landscaper about suitable products that eliminate phosphate in your pond.

  3. Remove leftover food that your fish haven’t eaten within five minutes.

  4. For additional shading, cover half of your pond surface with floating plants.

  5. Place waterlilies in your backyard pond, which are known to naturally control algae.

  6. Use a pond dye. This will darken your pond surface and counteract lights from triggering algae growth.

  7. Change 40-60% of your pond water every four weeks.

  8. Remove rotted leaves and flowers that have fallen in your pond.

  9. Make sure your filter isn’t clogged.

  10. Avoid putting soil in your pond.

  11. Make an effort to clean your pond liner at least once this summer. (Check out more tips in “How to Spring-Clean Your Backyard Pond.)

Also, consult your landscaper to make sure your pond is in tip-top shape. With their knowledge and professional experience, Hofstetter Landscaping can keep your pond gorgeous all summer long – which means you get to sit back and enjoy your pond stress-free. Call the team at 647-955-8382 today.

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Adding fish into your pond brings new beauty and life to your landscape. But bringing home pond fish isn’t a last-minute decision anyone should make. So understand these fish facts firsts to make the right choices:

  1. Carefully choose your pond fish. Aquarium fish aren’t suited for the outdoors, so your best bet is goldfish and/or Japanese koi.

  2. Koi ponds need a minimum of 1000 gallons of water.

  3. Goldfish can live in ponds that are 2 ft. deep. But if you want your goldfish outdoors in the wintertime, they require 16 inches of water below the freeze zone.

  4. Chlorine is harmful to fish. So you must use a dechlorinator if you’re filling your pond with tap water, which contains chlorine.

  5. When you place new fish into your pond, they may try to jump out of the water. Pond netting will be necessary here to prevent fish from getting out.

  6. Only feed your fish the amount of food they can eat in five minutes. This will take some experimenting, but it’s worth it. If you feed your fish too much food, the leftovers will decay.

Ready to take your pond to the next level? Your next step is to consult Hofstetter Landscaping, professional landscapers who can help create a safe and beautiful habitat for your fish. Get your free quote by phoning the team at 647-955-8382. Or send a message through the contact form.

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You’ve already done your spring-cleaning around the house – now what about your landscape? In particular, pay attention to your front and backyard pond. With proper maintenance, you can emphasize your pond’s beauty while forming a healthy ecosystem. Revisit your pond’s peaceful sights and sounds with these 10 seasonal cleaning tips:

  1. Got fish? Place them in a temporary tank during the cleaning process.

  2. Disassemble your pumps and filters; then diligently clean them out.

  3. Inspect your hoses for cracks and leaks.

  4. If it’s been over a year since you’ve replaced any filters, now is the perfect time to insert new ones.

  5. Hose down the entire pond surface, including the gravel. Extra Note: Don’t use any chemicals when you’re cleaning the surface – these can harm your pond fish and plants.

  6. Renew your pond plants by trimming and pruning them.

  7. Remove as much built-up debris as possible to prevent new algae growth.

  8. Add pond dye to help avoid aquatic weed and algae growth.

  9. Get your biological filtration going with beneficial bacteria.

  10. Use a dechlorinator if you’re adding new water that contains chlorine.

Next, make it a tradition to clean your outdoor pond at least twice a year. A professional landscaper, like Hofstetter Landscaping, can help you along the way, making the cleaning process stress-free on your end. Phone Hofstetter Landscaping at 647-955-8382 or send the team a message here.

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A water feature is often the central or focal part of your landscaping design. Your choice can not only accentuate or mar the design but it also impacts your overall satisfaction and maintenance efforts.

Here are 5 important points to keep in mind while selecting a water feature for your Toronto landscape.

  1. Size: Plan exactly where it will be installed and consider how it fits into your overall landscape design. Scale is important so don’t pick anything that is too small or big.

  2. Material: Are you looking for something heavy (like stone) or would you prefer it to be light (like aluminum or acrylic)? Budget is also an important consideration as is wear and tear.

  3. Style: It must blend with the overall landscaping design as well as complement your home. If you don’t like what’s available in stores, have one custom made. It will be one-of-a-kind.

  4. Maintenance: Water features require regular attention. However, there are some that require more care than others. Choose one that meets your lifestyle and time availability.

  5. Professional installation: There is no substitute for professional installation especially when there’s wiring involved. Don’t compromise your safety.

Hofstetter Landscaping Toronto specializes in designing and constructing aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, and low maintenance ponds and water features that are customized to fit your particular style and taste. Tell us what you would like to see.



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