Image1 Rick Hofstetter left a lucrative career in the Gas industry to join his brother in the family business in 1986. Most of his training was acquired on-the-job and by extensive coursework through the paving stone manufacturers. Rick continues to upgrade his skills every year with the latest innovations from Unilock and Permacon. His success has been based on his honesty and commitment to excellence.

Rick is also a Unilock Authorized Contractor. This means that Unilock has reviewed projects that Hofstetter Landscaping have completed and their workmanship exceeds Unilock’s high standards. Through this program Hofstetter Landscaping agrees to abide by an uncompromising Code of Ethics in all their business dealings.

 Image2 Ashleigh MacDonald (Hofstetter) is one of the driving forces behind the Hofstetter Team!She has a background in sales, marketing and administration. Her expertise is customer relations – once you’ve talked to her on the phone or met her at a sales call you will find her enthusiasm contagious! She works alongside Rick to ensure the day-to-day operations of the business are running smoothly and according to plan.Her interest in softscape landscaping, plants, flowers and


Driveway paving materials fall into three main categories: solid-surface (i.e., smooth, seamless, even surfaces), paved surface, and aggregate-surface.

Asphalt and concrete are quite popular but suffer from a number of problems in the Toronto climate. There is a strong tendency to crack and fragment after repeated freeze-thaw cycles

Aggregate-surface driveway paving materials include gravel and crushed stone. For residential use these have problems of an uneven surface and loss of gravel due to rain and mechanical transfer (e.g. into your home!)

Driveway pavers lie somewhere in between these two main categories. Although they are individual components pieced together to form a whole, driveway pavers can, if laid properly, form an almost seamless even surface, with no raised areas to give your snowblower fits.  Asphalt driveaway

Another important criterion for driveways is the ability to remove oil and tar stains that are all to frequent even with modern vehicles. Concrete and asphalt stain easily and can be hard to repair without leaving an obvious repair mark. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, can be easily replaced in small areas and the new stones soon blend into the original driveway.

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shrubs has enabled her to assist in the design of some of our landscaping projects.

Ashleigh is hard working and very dedicated. We are pleased she is part of the Hofstetter family!