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If you are someone that practices Feng Shui in your home – you have probably considered whether or not you can apply the same science to your garden. In fact the art of using Feng Shui in garden and landscape design isn’t difficult, it just requires an understanding of the methods used and results that can be achieved.

The term ‘Feng Shui’ comes from the expression ‘Shan Shui’, which means mountain water. This is an essential part of practicing Feng Shui – which you can achieve throughout your outdoor living area by adding vertical elements, which allows for a proper flow of energy.

In addition to the use of the yin and yang elements, the use of water in your Toronto landscaping is thought to allow a positive flow of wealth into your home. Colors are also used to create the perfect atmosphere to make your garden area one that is inviting and soothing, a place to relax and enjoy with friends and family. Within the guidelines of Feng Shui landscaping, there is a wide choice of plants, building materials, and water forms – it is the combination of all those things that allow for a wonderful garden area.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The five main elements are wood, water, earth, fire, and metal.
  • The chi or energy that flows through the environment needs a place to gather and pool.
  • Using the five different items or things that represent each element allows this to happen.
  • Rocks, earth, and planting beds that are raised are often used in landscaping details.
  • Both cooling colors and hot colors can be used but they should be placed apart from each other so they do not cancel each other out and interrupt the flow of energy.

Four other elements often used are the heart, threshold, pathways and accents. The heart is the focal point of the yard, a place where the energy collects and the pathways converge. The threshold separates your yard from the outside world. Pathways are used to give energy direction and the accents are what symbolize the feeling or mood of the yard. All the parts of the landscape design are used to create a whole statement about the yard. Those yards are the most enjoyable to spend in time because they draw peace and serenity to those within.

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