Feng Shui in Your Toronto Landscape Design

If you are someone that practices Feng Shui in your home – you have probably considered whether or not you can apply the same science to your garden. In fact the art of using Feng Shui in garden and landscape design isn’t difficult, it just requires an understanding of the methods used and results that can be achieved.

The term ‘Feng Shui’ comes from the expression ‘Shan Shui’, which means mountain water. This is an essential part of practicing Feng Shui – which you can achieve throughout your outdoor living area by adding vertical elements, which allows for a proper flow of energy. [Read more…]

Need a sanctuary to escape the office and traffic jams? Then an Asian-inspired landscape will do the trick. Here’s your guide to designing an Asian-themed atmosphere for your backyard.

  1. Think water, rock and plants, which are positive elements in Feng Shui garden designs.
  2. Plan an open landscape to allow chi (also known as energy) to flow freely.
  3. Choose a colour palette to balance the flow of energy.
  4. Use bamboo wind chimes for soothing sounds.
  5. Add Asian décor, like a wooden bridge. Tortoise and koi fish décor are also ideal, which signify stability and happiness.
  6. Install a waterfall, water symbolizes wealth
  7. Or opt for a small pond with fish and water plants.
  8. Plant white flowers for a trace of colour amongst greenery.
  9. Use trees and bushes to construct a natural fence.
  10. Build your own Japanese rock gardenout of white sand and large stones.
  11. Add small, eye-catching stones to your rock garden.
  12. Follow this Japanese rock garden rule: keep one stone hidden. Only reveal an even number of rocks.

Start your landscaping plans now to experience the ultimate backyard retreat this spring and summer. With your needs and budget in mind, Hofstetter Landscaping can help you create an appealing yet peaceful backyard landscape. Call 647-955-8382 or email through the online form.


Image: Shutterstock